Christmas Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman might enjoy a nice, special maternity outfit. Maternity clothes can be expensive, and many women don’t want to waste money on something they will wear for a short time. They might enjoy something nice to wear. There are several things that you will want to take into consideration when planning such a gift. First, this is obviously best for someone in the beginning of her pregnancy. Someone with a month left has little need for new clothes that will only fit for weeks. Next, you will want to make sure you know the person’s size (usually they stay the same size in pregnancy clothes as they do in regular clothes, i.e. if they were a small before, they are likely to still be a small). You also want to make sure you know what they like to wear. You can get maternity clothes at specialty stores such as Motherhood and at many department and discount stores such as Sears and Target. Also many pregnant women go on to breastfeed, so if your recipient is planning on nursing then a nice nursing outfit might make a nice gift.

A pregnant woman might also enjoy a nice body pillow. It can be difficult to get comfortable at night when you are pregnant and getting larger. They make pillows that are made to make the woman more comfortable and to help her stay in a healthier position at night. You will just want to make sure that she does not already have such a gift.

Many pregnant women like to start collecting things for the baby. Before deciding to buy such a gift, you will need to consider a few things. First, some women prefer not to receive any items for the baby until after the birth. That is definitely something you would want to respect. You can see if your recipient has a baby registry because that is a great way to purchase something that you know will get use. Of course there a wide variety of baby items, from bedroom furniture to strollers to clothes to toys. You will have a wide variety of items from which to choose for any budget if you decide to go this route.

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Medical Scrubs And Its Importance

Students going to medical school know why there is a need for them to wear lab coats. For one, it shows that they are going to be professionals in the medical field. Apart from that, wearing lab coats also promotes good hygiene. Of course, this does not pertain only to lab coats but also for Dickies scrubs.

It is obvious that medical practitioners have a lot of responsibility. They have very challenging jobs to tackle day in and day out. They are in contact with patients all the time and while they are there to treat them physically, their appearance has a lot to do with the way the patient react to them. The presence of a person in a medical uniform can lift the spirits of a patient.

Therefore, a uniform is very important for healthcare workers. In the past, medical uniforms like scrubs are made from stiff fabric. As time goes by, healthcare workers have been benefited with the arrival of more comfortable drab like Dickies scrub.

Even the gowns used by patients are considered part of the whole medical uniform. When nurses and doctors choose scrubs, they look at several things. For one, the Dickies medical scrubs should be made of good quality materials. Also, it should be comfortable. This holds true when looking for gowns to be worn by patients. Since they could be lying down for a long time, an uncomfortable gown could lead to skin irritation and other problems.

Today, most Dickies everyday scrubs are made out of cotton. These cotton scrubs are more comfortable because they allow your skin to breathe. To make the uniform stronger some manufacturer’s uses polyester mixed with cotton. A good mix of these will create a comfortable medical uniform while at the same time be strong enough to be able to absorb the punishment of everyday use.

Decades ago, nurses and doctors uses white scrubs then green. Today, there are a lot of colors to choose from. This is because with the changing of the times, hospitals and clinics relaxed their rules about uniforms. Today, healthcare workers can have their Dickies scrubs uniforms personalized to fit their personality. There are suppliers which offer embroidery along with the uniform. You can then have the logo of the hospital you are working for embroidered on your Dickies scrub top.

The medical scrub has undergone a lot of changes ever since it made its first appearance in the healthcare sector. No doubt, this trend will continue. As a result, you can expect to see more and more radical ideas in this field. Scientists are already working on fabrics which will effectively repel disease causing factors to effectively protect our healthcare professionals. The fabric of the future will also be stain and flame resistant too. It also does not hurt that these are readily available online. Some online stores carry a lot of variety of medical scrubs and lab coats too. This will surely save you a lot of time compared to shopping for it off the Internet.

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Treating Trauma With Homeopathy

A woman I had not seen or spoken to in 21 years called to make an appointment for her husband. As I was about to hang up, she asked if she could tell me a story.

She then told how 21 years ago she had taken her newborn daughter to see me as the infant would not make eye contact and was nursing feebly.

She said that I treated her with Opium and the results were miraculous.

I had no recollection of the incident and asked her to elaborate.

She said that when she was seven months pregnant she stepped off a curb, turning her ankle and fell onto her pregnant belly. It was a game changer, she said. Contractions began immediately and I went straightaway to the hospital where they put in an IV and hydrated me. The contractions stopped. I was able to carry her another ten days when my water broke and I needed an emergency C-section.

She went under general anesthesia and the child was born about two months premature. She went immediately into the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for three weeks. During the first few days, she was rarely allowed to hold her baby or to feed her. Once home, nursing was difficult as the infant could not latch on properly.

The child would not make eye contact. She wasn’t there. She was in her own world. After you gave her Opium, it was BOOM! she came into her body within minutes. She made eye contact and started sucking better. In my mind that was when she was born. She started to interact with people. It was as if the curtain went up and the play began. I’ve always felt a great debt of gratitude.

Homeopathic Opium is of great use after trauma, both physical as well as emotional trauma. Presumably, when her mother fell violently forward onto her belly, the child in utero was stunned. We can imagine that, instinctively, the child decided she was in a hostile, dangerous environment, one that she would have preferred not to be in. Opium, when smoked or eaten, is known to produce, among many other symptoms, a general depression of the sensorium, that is to say, those parts of the brain that receive, process and interpret sensory impressions. Persons under the influence of opium can become generally unresponsisve with a dullness and indifference to their surroundings. This child was in such a state which is why homeopathic Opium was able to bring her out of it. In effect, Opium removed her reluctance to be born and be in this world. Thanks to Opium, this child was reborn.

By: Karl Robinson

Preparation For Upcoming Baby

A baby is coming. So, are you ready? Aside from thinking of a special name for the baby, what other preparations should you make?

First of all, you have to have a good obstetrician/gynecologist who will take care of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. You can start looking for a good pediatrician at about this time, too. You will be doing a lot of medical check-ups before and after delivery, so check your health insurance coverage. If you are working, inform your company and inquire about your maternity leave and benefits.

Start preparing the baby’s room early on as you won’t have much time and energy for this later. Decide on the color scheme and work your way around that when choosing furniture, curtains, rugs, and other pieces. Start scouting around and compare costs and quality. Shop for the big items first like the crib or playpen with bassinet, stroller, storage cabinet, feeding chair, bath, and your nursing chair.

When you’re done with the big items, buy the small essentials. These are the feeding bottles, sterilizer, bedding, and the baby’s layette. Babies grow super fast so buy only a few clothes as these are outgrown in just a few weeks. Anyway, many people give baby clothes as gifts so there’s actually no need to worry. Better yet, if you’re having a baby shower, wait for it before shopping so you would know what and what not to buy.

And last but not least, prepare your hospital bag. This should include baby essentials such as two to three changes of clothing, diapers, baby wipes, going home clothes, receiving blanket, a cap, and bottles and formula if you’re not breastfeeding. For yourself, maternity pads or adult diapers (whichever you prefer), a bathrobe, pajamas or nightgown, house slippers, toiletries, nursing pads, some underwear, loose comfortable going home clothes, and your camera, of course!. Make sure you also have your health insurance card information with you. If you want, you may also bring extra pillows, a small cooler with drinks and some light snacks, and a baby book to record those first few moments.

It is exciting to have a baby in the house, but it is even more exciting when you are prepared.

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